Monday, December 1, 2008

the mini is dead.. long live the mini!!

hehe.. ok, so it's more about royalty, but the quote has been going through my head all day!!

The Spring Mini finished yesterday (goodbye Seasons of Joy! I will remember our time together fondly! - and keep all my digits crossed that you come back to me in April!) (OK>> weird drama bit over!!)

BUT today, the summer mini starts, and there are some VERY yummy things in there! I have been playing with my stash a lot these last few weeks, but my camera is still on the blink (Santa, are you listening??) so I will take the stash to work tomorrow, and use one of theirs!!

In the meantime, Stampin' Up (who obviously haven't given us enough awesome deals this year!) have got another promotion running all through December.

There are 12 different products - something for stampers and scrapbookers alike.

Check it out at or email me for more information.

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