Monday, January 4, 2010

hooray for 2010!!

well, my last few weeks of 2009 were a bit of a write off really! lol
Personally, my life was heading in a huge downward spiral. Stamping wise, not much better! I had all sorts of gifty things to show you, and my camera was not playing the game! I have lost all the photos - but I will take them again, and will definitely post the projects. Just not in time for Christmas! lol
On the bright side, 2009 is over, and it's a new year! New beginnings are all good! I intend to make the most of this year - stepping outside my comfort zone! In fact - one way of doing that is putting my pic up on here finally!! Took some playing around with my cell phone! It's hard to take a photo of yourself!! I will get someone else to take a better one sometime soon, and replace it, but until then, have moved my comfort zone circle a couple inches wider!! lol