Saturday, January 31, 2009

more note cards

as promised, here is a selection of the other note cards I made, in different colours using different sentiments and designer paper.

These carda are so simple - find an image that fits in a circle punch, stamp it, punch it,mat it on a scallop, add some paper and you're done! (OK it sounds really long winded when you write it out!! but it really isn't!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

note cards

I adore brown and pink together. Reminds me of s'mores!! lol
I love these little thank you notes. I came across these at Angie Juda's blog, and thought - I could do that! But I would like it smaller, (these are 3x3) and I'm not good at watercolouring, so let's use a different set!
So these use the Tag Time set - this is a really cute versatile set - another my daughter loves, because it covers a range of occasions.
These are thank you notes, and are perfect for that real quick dashed off note :)
I have others - good luck, a little something for you etc, and all in different colours. I'll put them up later.
That is the beauty of this layout - change the colour of the card, match a piece of DSP, and you totally change the look and tone of the card. Why blue and orange you may ask? Well, the arty creative answer is that blue and orange are opposite on the colour wheel and are therefore complementary colours and work really well together. (and they do!). The sad pathetic answer is that I was watching Notting Hill, and I was just tryign to choose another colour after making the chocolate chip card, and it was the part where Hugh Grant throws orange juice all over Julia Roberts and tells her he lives in the house with the blue door - and those colours stuck in my head and this is the result!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

response to storage comment ;)

Thanks Shelley for your lovely comment, and your encouraging suggestion that I make you one too. (encouraging because you are presuming the thing didn't fall down ten minutes after I took the photo! - it didn't but it's early days yet! lol)

However, if I were to make you one, by the time I shipped it to Dunedin it would be cheaper to get you the SU! one anyway!! (and no that was NOT an offer!!) lol

others who liked the unit, check out Stacey's blog - she has a downloadable pdf of the pattern and instructions. (You didn't really think I worked it out for myself do you??? WOW!! you really do think highly of me!! poor deluded people lol)


I have been eyeing up the ink pad caddy holder thingy in the catalogue for ages - wanting somewhere to store my ink pads. Problem is I only own, like, 12!! so over a hundred bucks wasn't really an option!! (I do plan on getting more, but you know - other boring stuff takes precedence - ink pads don't make a very good spag bol!)

So anyway, I have been getting creative with my Tupperware and dish drainer containers, after searching the net and seeing what others do for storage on a budget. (Man there are some amazing stamp rooms out there!! and I NEED an IKEA to come to New Zealand - seriously if you are reading this Mr IKEA executive who makes the decision, I alone will make it worth your while!!) But anyway - not having a spare million dollars (to cover the airfare an the excess baggage to Aussie for a trip to IKEA!) I came across Stacey's blog, and her post about her DIY ink pad holder. She used foam core board, but the day I went to Warehouse Stationery they only had A3 pieces, and that wasn't going to cut it!! So I grabbed some coreflute instead. Was a bit bent, so it was on special - $7 for two pieces instead of $10. Sweet!!

Anyway.... after a LOT of measuring and checking (inches versus centimetres and all that jazz!!) and not very straight cutting, (but that's ok - it's MEANT to have a wavy decorative bit only on one side! ;) ) Here is my version!!
This was actually fun to make!! And it didn't take as long as I thought it would - me being NOT very handy at DIY!! It holds 12 inkpads in each section, and there are 5 sections - so one for each colour family, plus one for in-colours and stazon and versamark etc.
The top has a little lip on it (there isn't supposed to be a gap - that was my really accurate cutting!!) to hold markers, embossing powder, reinkers etc etc etc.
I do think I would rather have my markers separate though, in a kind of cubby!! SO guess what my next project is!!
haha - my FM is NOT impressed! my skills with a glue gun leave a LOT to be desired!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

my new diary

yes, I know it's nearly the end of January, but I wasn't going to buy myself a dairy this year. We got given an A4 size personalised one as a gift from work, and I was just going to use that, but I REALLY struggled not having it in my handbag. My darling brother - whose deserved nickname is my "baby bugger" - believes I could fit a tank in my handbag, but it's just not true! I had to call people back about bookings and classes - hair and other appointments had to be made at a later date, and I thought - if this is what it's like after less than a month, and it's even the school holidays -no after school activities or play dates - imagine what it will be like when J goes back to school!! AARRRGGHHHH!!! So, I saw that Louise and Lisa had both altered their diaries using the new Bali Breeze paper, and I loved the look, so I went for the same thing. The numbers were generated on my computer, but splitcoast has the RGB codes for the Stampin' Up! colours, so even they match!! Isn't that better than the original??
Don't you love that big flower? It's directly off a sheet of the Bali breeze paper -my daughter loves it, and now wants her room decorated with it. At $13.95 for 12 sheets, it's a bloody good bargain for 12 x 12 double sided scrapbook paper. For 2 sheets that I have to cut the flowers out of and decorate a whole room - not so economical!! Nice try tho!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

3rd challenge

I know!!! 3 challenges in a row!
This one comes from the sketch my FM did, and is because she originally thought of it in brown and cream, so I thought, ok rather than use my kristina colour challenge card for the NZSUblog SAB set challenge, I would make another one in different colours.
This card is a normal size card too, whereas the Kristina one was 6" x 3".
So this has a chocolate chip base, with very vanilla on top. The DSP is Rose Red patterned, and the ink is rose red, and chocolate chip. The stamp sets are polka dot punches, and yummy, both SAB sets that you can earn for free!

Friday, January 23, 2009

2nd challenge

As mentioned in the previous post, a challenge was set for a masculine valentines card. I don't own ANY heart sets, so I was struggling, and then my upline set an online swap with a theme of valentines. Double ARRGGHHH!! I knew I had my sale a bration heart on its way, but it might not get here on time (it did, but that's ok!) so i needed another option. Cue frantic searching through all stamp sets (like, seriously, how did I get so MANY??? ;) and ah ha! Loads of Love. This is the very first Stampin' Up set I got, along with the accessories - before I was a demonstrator. I bought them for my daughter who had borrowed them from a stamping friend of mine. But it is not a set I use very often. I SUCK at watercolouring! (that's my other goal this year - get good at watercolouring - at least so I can use some of the cute sets like this one) but I remembered I saw this card by Teneale, and she had paper pieced the truck. Ooh, sneaky! And so CASE-able - especially those jumbo eyelets for wheels! And the layout was CASEd from this card by Jolene Johnson, (whose splitcoast gallery is full of amazing things to do with the word window punch).
I think there is still something missing from mine, but less is more, and I tend to wreck stuff when I put more on! So, this is it!! It's actually not very masculine now I'm looking at it - why is that?? there is no pink anywhere to be seen!!

more challenges! Kristina first!

wow!! these challenges really do get your brain going!
I have a new flatmate (FM from now on - I think she might be getting addicted!) and she was fascinated that people spend MONEY on this stuff.. and then I was sitting playing around with some new rubber, and she sat down to watch, and all of a sudden, you could see the lightbulb go off!! "ooh" she says. "this is quite cool eh??" "Yes" says I, with a knowing gleam in my eye! "Wanna play?" and the rest is history!
ANYWAY..... one of my blogging sisterhood set a challenge for a masculine valentine's card, and I mentioned it to FM, and about 10 minutes later she came up to me with a little sketch she had jotted down. (aww, bless her!! - see I told you - addicted!) Here is the sketch.

Unfortunately I had kind of already sorted myself out on that challenge so I used the sketch for Kristina's colour challenge. Weird colours again - well one weird one thrown in! That green is LOUD!!
But here is my card (actually, I am not taking total credit - FM told me what colours to put where, and which order and everything - she just wouldn't ACTUALLY do it!!)

this uses two of the new saleabration stamp sets - polka dot punches, and yummy. cardstock is basic black, whisper white so saffron and green galore. Ink is real red.

I have other ideas though so I might be back with another one!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

ooh! I got an award!!

wow!! thanks heaps Toni!! I'm sure she just needed an extra person, but it makes me feel good!! ;)

I'm supposed to nominate 7 different people, who deserve this award too, but all the people who I would have nominated have had it in the last few weeks, so to make it easier for you, just head on over to the NZSU blog, and check them all out!! especially check out Amy -extremely talented! Trudi - amazing lady with way too much time on her hands - except she hasn't! She is a working mum, and still has time to run two blogs, and create as well! Sharlene T - my upline. Sharlene M - love what she did with the hodgepodge hardware in this post! and.. well all of them! you see why it's so hard to choose!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Challenge numbers 2 and 3!

well, my little goal to get out of my comfort zone seems to be working - this weeks kwerner challenge had the colour combination of ruby red, pumpkin pie, pretty in pink and whisper white. I love pumpkin and ruby, but throwing in that pink really makes it tricky! I first tried the day the challenge went up, but could NOT get it, but I was determind to do it! then I figured, GET HELP!! and went to the NZSU blog, and there was a layout from mojomonday, and I thought hmmm, this could work! It's not exactly right, but the basic idea is there.

So, here's my attempt. I'm still not sure about it, but I got the challenge done, and I think that is half the battle for me!

stamps: Eastern blooms, short and sweet
cardstock: pretty in pink, pumpkin pie, whisper white, ruby red
ink: ruby red, pumpkin pie

Friday, January 9, 2009

woohoo my first challenge!!

woohoo!! I finally did it!! I ALWAYS check out Kristina's blog - she is such an amazingly talented lady -but up until now, I have just stalked, and drooled over everyone else's creations. But one of goals this year is step outside my comfort zone, and actually create more stuff, and trust in my own ideas! So, here is my first ever inspiration colour challenge entry.

I am really happy with it, for a few reasons! 1) I know it is simple, but I like simple! 2) Its all mine!! 3) i got out of my comfort zone 4) i know next time I will do better! 5) there will be a next time!

I used the set Live your Dream from the Summer mini, with a chocolate chip base, pumpkin pie mat, then used pumpkin and old olive markers on whisper white for the flowers, pumpkin "thanks" and added a soft sky ribbon (don't have baja breeze here, and that looked the closest to me!) 'scuse the quality of the pic - I scanned it, and my computer does NOT like that!! that ribbon is the grosgrain double stitched, but it looks weird! and the "distressing" is not intentional - I need a new blade in my cutter, but do you think I can find the spare???