Saturday, November 28, 2009

Coming in December……

Most people do some sort of twelve weeks of Christmas blog/email post – where they showcase twelve Christmas cards/projects. Well, I had very good intentions of doing that, and they all turned to custard :) I am in the middle of moving house, and lots of end of year “do’s” – work, daughter’s dancing and all sorts of other things that frankly just get in the way of stamping!!

So.. what I have decided to do, is slightly different, with no limit on how many - (or minimum for that matter, but I’m pretty sure I have hit at least twelve!!)

The twist is that instead of showing you cards or packaging, I am looking at gifts you can make with Stampin’ Up! products. So pictures, and scrapbooks, and notepads and … well you’ll just have to stop by daily in December and see what else I have found to make :)

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kazza77 said...

Great, that is totally where my headspace is at now too. Looking forward to your ideas