Sunday, May 18, 2008

First Post :)

Well hello everyone!! (or no one at this point in time!)

I have been toying with the idea of a blog, and of becoming a Stampin Up demonstrator, and so I finally decided what the hey! In the immortal words of Nike "Just DO It!!" So I did!!
And this is the result: Stampin by the seat of my pants!
Why that name? Well, I am pretty new to the stamping world, and am pretty much learning on the hop, or flying by the seat of my pants as it were - so hence my blog name! :)
I hope to get photos up here soon of the stuff I am doing, and will apologise now and in advance because (as newbies often do!!) I CASE a lot of stuff, and so if you see your work up here, and I haven't given your name or your blog address, PLEASE don't be offended. It just means I found your lovely work before I had a place to link to, and you are currently in my "must copy this it's gorgeous!" folder, and I am very new to blogging and have NO CLUE as to how to link. So if you do see and recognise your stuff, let me know, and I will (TRY!!) and link you :)

So.. here's to a long and happy and stampin; future for me and my blog, and I look forward to sharing my creations and CASEments with you all :)



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Anonymous said...

Well Jenny Ive read your whole entire blog right back to here!! Youve done a great job and I have gleaned lots of ideas from it. Thanks for all your effort.