Sunday, May 25, 2008

One week later....

Well, here I am again, one week later, and I am still trying to get my head around this blogging thing.
I now have stuff to share, and places to link to and pictures to put up, and I have no idea how to do it!!

So.... today's sharing, is a swap I signed up for on this blog that I can't link, but I can copy and paste - haha!!
so this is Karin's blog, and she is in the Netherlands and wants to set up the biggest swap ever, with people from ALL over the world.

And I know no one knows about my blog yet, so the chances of me getting anyone else to go there are pretty slim - but in the future when people DO read me, they will know where it came from :)

Ok, so I chickened out tonight, and copied and pasted, but - later in the week, I will try and post a picture!! Woohoo - exciting stuff! Stay tuned :)


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