Monday, January 4, 2010

hooray for 2010!!

well, my last few weeks of 2009 were a bit of a write off really! lol
Personally, my life was heading in a huge downward spiral. Stamping wise, not much better! I had all sorts of gifty things to show you, and my camera was not playing the game! I have lost all the photos - but I will take them again, and will definitely post the projects. Just not in time for Christmas! lol
On the bright side, 2009 is over, and it's a new year! New beginnings are all good! I intend to make the most of this year - stepping outside my comfort zone! In fact - one way of doing that is putting my pic up on here finally!! Took some playing around with my cell phone! It's hard to take a photo of yourself!! I will get someone else to take a better one sometime soon, and replace it, but until then, have moved my comfort zone circle a couple inches wider!! lol


Louise said...

Here's to new beginnings!!! all the best for 2010 Jenny, hope it rocks for you.

Heather P. said...

YAY for stepping outside your comfort zone! :)

Hope 2010 is AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is best . i Like you. because you are mum of one child and taking a job in the Educational institute.