Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Where does the time go??

My goodness - I cannot believe I have missed two days again!!
Life is madness around here at the moment!
It's my last day at work for the year tomorrow, and we have been spending the last few days organising farewell "things" for our principal. He is leaving after 14 years - amazing! And he will be sorely missed - but of course that means a MEGA party - or 7!! Well ok not 7, but we are up to number 4!!
The fold out scrapbook was his leaving card, and everyone signed it and then i stuck some pics in the spaces but then I had to write in the middle (cardmaking and calligraphy might SEEM like innocuous hobbies - but wait til someone finds out you do both!!) lol
Still - it will al be worth it tomorrow when he reads it :)

What does all this mean for you??? My camera is flat again, (also had Jordan's school prize giving last night so HAD to take photos of her getting her prize!!) and I haven't been able to take decent photos of the projects. However - this should all be remedied tomorrow :) Fingers crossed!

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