Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Faux Cloisonne - part Deux

haha.. see what i did there??? ok.. never mind!!
I love this card! It is a total CASE of one done by Alisa Tilsner from Aussie - but when have I ever let that stop me??? :)
I did drop one flower, and used cloisonne instead of cardstock, so obviously it is TOTALLY different! (and her brads are straight!!)

A note on CASE-ing:
CASE stands for Copy and Share Everything, and I personally would not be able to create ANYthing if this was not acceptable. I am not colour co-ordinated, and have no concept of design and space, so please - if I CASE you - take it as a compliment. :) I ALWAYS credit (not necessarily with a link, but at least the full name and country if possible) - and if I dont know I will say so, but will still acknowledge it was not my original.
Ok, soap box lecture over :) Carry on!

1 comment:

sharna said...

hi, i feel the same about casing creations, as i too do not have the creative mind or the colour sense, i really envy others that can just whip up cards and put colours together, most of my creations start out as cases then i might either just add a bit more or leave a bit out, depending on the design.