Friday, April 30, 2010

Zindorf-inspired with Helen

At training way back in January, Helen brought this really cool technique for us all to play with. It is Michelle Zindorf inspired, and basically involves rubbing ink all over the cardstock in a really messy way - which for some people (Helen, and especially Michelle herself, judging by her blog) results in an amazing piece of art. Me? I just end up with messy fingers and an anal retentive urge to make everything symmetrical and even!! This is my first go!!
Sharlene and I went back to her place and had another go the next day - and I liked my efforts there only marginally better - but we both at least were feeling as out of depth as each other!

Clean and simple is definitely my thing! I will stick to admiring Zindorf inspired art from afar, wishing I was that talented and less rigid in my creativity :)


Helen Williams said...

These cards are lovely, Great job done Jenny

Anonymous said...

I'm with you, Jenny - I admire Zindorf stuff too, but I'm definitely more clean and simple!