Thursday, July 21, 2011

finally back in the swing!

It's been a long time.. hopefully there are still some people out there that check my blog!! If not - well I'll have to rustle up some viewers!!
It's school holidays, and I've got kids classes on. I have two themes going - "butterflies" and "punch art". The kids I've had so far are REALLY creative, and have done an awesome job! I forgot to get pics, but have more classes next week, so will try and remember.
Here's a peek at one of the projects we are making in the buttefly class.

This is a keyring made from felt put through the Big Shot with the Beautiful butterflies die. Yep - the Big Shot cuts felt. It cuts cork and soft drink cans too - but more on that later!

I blatantly stole this idea from Bronwyn Eastley - an incredibly talented Aussie demo - along with a few other ideas too! But those I'll post another day!

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