Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Finally a card - i hope!

Ok ..... finally I think I have it.

Here is a picture of a card I did for a colleague who finished her degree last year, but graduation isn't until May (weird, I know!). Actually, this isn't it. Hers had red accents, but my camera wasn't being very nice that day, so this one is one I was asked to do for the niece of another colleague who saw that first one, and wanted it too!! The layout for this kind of came from the very talented Dorothy who takes the cardmaking classes at my LSS. Hers was a wedding card with lace and all sorts all over it (she is very into lace!) but I'm not, so mine is very plain. I still giggle at my little pun though "Con-GRAD-ulations" !! Well, my ten year old thought it was hilarious! Most people just think it's cute - which of course it is :)

Stamps: Diplomabella from Stampingbella
Card: generic
Sentiment: computer generated (font is Kristen)

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