Thursday, January 29, 2009

note cards

I adore brown and pink together. Reminds me of s'mores!! lol
I love these little thank you notes. I came across these at Angie Juda's blog, and thought - I could do that! But I would like it smaller, (these are 3x3) and I'm not good at watercolouring, so let's use a different set!
So these use the Tag Time set - this is a really cute versatile set - another my daughter loves, because it covers a range of occasions.
These are thank you notes, and are perfect for that real quick dashed off note :)
I have others - good luck, a little something for you etc, and all in different colours. I'll put them up later.
That is the beauty of this layout - change the colour of the card, match a piece of DSP, and you totally change the look and tone of the card. Why blue and orange you may ask? Well, the arty creative answer is that blue and orange are opposite on the colour wheel and are therefore complementary colours and work really well together. (and they do!). The sad pathetic answer is that I was watching Notting Hill, and I was just tryign to choose another colour after making the chocolate chip card, and it was the part where Hugh Grant throws orange juice all over Julia Roberts and tells her he lives in the house with the blue door - and those colours stuck in my head and this is the result!!


Heather P. said...

These are so cute!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny, I have been stalking your blog! I am a demo on Palmy too, so thought I should say HI. Plus I wanted to say I think your storage idea is AMAZING! Well done you. And I LOVE your explanation of why you chose blue and orange...and I love that movie!

Bren said...

Love these. I need to make a whole bunch of cards as a introduction to my new adventure for 90 or so people at work. I like this won. I think I could reproduce something similar. Quick and easy also.