Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I have been eyeing up the ink pad caddy holder thingy in the catalogue for ages - wanting somewhere to store my ink pads. Problem is I only own, like, 12!! so over a hundred bucks wasn't really an option!! (I do plan on getting more, but you know - other boring stuff takes precedence - ink pads don't make a very good spag bol!)

So anyway, I have been getting creative with my Tupperware and dish drainer containers, after searching the net and seeing what others do for storage on a budget. (Man there are some amazing stamp rooms out there!! and I NEED an IKEA to come to New Zealand - seriously if you are reading this Mr IKEA executive who makes the decision, I alone will make it worth your while!!) But anyway - not having a spare million dollars (to cover the airfare an the excess baggage to Aussie for a trip to IKEA!) I came across Stacey's blog, and her post about her DIY ink pad holder. She used foam core board, but the day I went to Warehouse Stationery they only had A3 pieces, and that wasn't going to cut it!! So I grabbed some coreflute instead. Was a bit bent, so it was on special - $7 for two pieces instead of $10. Sweet!!

Anyway.... after a LOT of measuring and checking (inches versus centimetres and all that jazz!!) and not very straight cutting, (but that's ok - it's MEANT to have a wavy decorative bit only on one side! ;) ) Here is my version!!
This was actually fun to make!! And it didn't take as long as I thought it would - me being NOT very handy at DIY!! It holds 12 inkpads in each section, and there are 5 sections - so one for each colour family, plus one for in-colours and stazon and versamark etc.
The top has a little lip on it (there isn't supposed to be a gap - that was my really accurate cutting!!) to hold markers, embossing powder, reinkers etc etc etc.
I do think I would rather have my markers separate though, in a kind of cubby!! SO guess what my next project is!!
haha - my FM is NOT impressed! my skills with a glue gun leave a LOT to be desired!!


Shelley said...

oh i like, seen as we SBS sisters wanna make me one! HAHAHA

Stacey L King said...

TOTALLY fabulous! You did a great job!


Hey well done on making the ink pad unit looks awesome!!! Go check out my blog when you have time i have left an award on there for you!!

Debbie Pamment said...

Terrific job on your stamp pad organiser - may have to try that out myself and finally replace the tired old shoe box I have sitting on it's side - LOL. Maybe you should post a tutorial on this - it's such a fabulous idea - not to mention it would save me the work of measuring - cheeky aren't I ;)

Bren said...

I love it and need to try this myself. i can think of other things that I could maybe make this for also. Thanks for sharing.