Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Makeesha's treasure box

This is a project from Makeesha - an amazingly talented Aussie demo - from the last round of UStamp. (don't know what UStamp is? Check the link on the side bar of my blog) Anyway, Keesh decorated hers with stamps and glitter, but the lady I have in mind for this is not a "bling" person. She says "why do I need all that gumph on it?" So I left all the "gumph" off! (anyone know what gumph is exactly???) (not that Makeesha's looks like gumph - it's stunning, but each to their own I figure!)

Here it is open ('scuse my fingers!)

1 comment:

Cheri Howard said...

What a lovely box! I love boxes, so I guess I'm going to have to head over to Makeesha's to see how she made it!