Saturday, May 16, 2009

completely not stamp related!

ok, so I joined the Sisterhood of the Blogging Stampers 27 - and they are a very cool bunch of ladies - check their blogs out on my sidebar! I would love to visit them more often buit blogger and my computer are having a bit of a falling out at the moment! Looks like a truce tonight, so will see how I get on checking them out! ANYWAY>>> there is a point!

One of the ladies has a son, whose school was involved in the Flat Stanley project. Read this book - seriously! it's fabulous! So, we hosted Stanley, and took him all over the north island of New Zealand. And I promised to post a few pics on here - so finally (a few weeks late) here is Flat Stanley in New Zealand :)This is an old plane, fitted out to become a cafe - you can eat your lunch in it! The kids LOVE it!!
This is Ohakune - they are famous for their carrots, and apparently Stanley's favourite food is carrots, so how could we NOT go here!!
Finally, (at leaat for now - Stanley had lots more adventures than this!) Here is Stanley bungee jumping! New Zealand is the home of bungy jumping, so he could hardly visit without taking the plunge! Unfortunately, he was a bit light for the real thing. so we rigged him up from my second storey balcony!

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