Thursday, November 13, 2008

long time no post - bad blogger award!

Ok .. in my other life as a school librarian, I check out lots of blogs on children's literature, and book reviews and stuff like that (no, seriously, it's work related!) Anyway... there is a comment challenge going on, and a daily post challenge also so I decided seeign as I don't have a book review blog, this was the next best thing! In fact, it was the better than best thing! So, I am going to post every day for the rest of November - at least! Longer hopefully!! So, for my first post....

I held some classes last weekend with another local demo, and while not many people came, we had lots of fun.

One of the classes was using Saesons of Joy - I LOVE this set!! It;s in the spring mini, which ends on 30th of this month - no guarantees it will be back! So if you want it, drop me a line.

So, here's a pic of one of the projects
It uses old olive and real red cardstock with dashing designer paper. totally CASEd. I think it's an Angie Juda one but not 100%.

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Sharlene said...

I LOVE this set too! Great card Jenny, and I'm glad to see you are up and blogging again! Sharlene