Saturday, November 29, 2008

my christmas presents

I have lots of family in the UK, and it is really hard every year to think of things to buy that a) they don;t have already, b) they can't get themselves cheaper over there and c) that don't cost three times as much to mail as they do to buy!!

So this year, after searchign the internet and stalking a few blogs, I found these awesome desk calendars on Angie Juda's blog. They use a CD case as the holder, and then have 6 double sided sheets for the months. The calendar is printed from a template I got off splitcoast (can't remember where - just search for claendar template! there are hundreds!!) and then I used my SU colour coach to find complimentary colours to use for the back ground and the scallop edge of the feature picture. Real simple, but I think different - and you can personalise it too. you could use photos, or kids drawings or anything really.

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Allison said...

Lovely calendar...simple and sweet!