Wednesday, December 9, 2009

foiled by technology - again!

Well, I have about 6 more projects ready to show you, but of course, the batteries in my camera went flat yesterday, and - where is the charger?? nowhere near the camera that's for sure!! And you'd think it would be in the box labelled "camera and ipod stuff" - but no! I mean, why would it be in there?????
Also - they are 3D projects, so don't fit onto my scanner very well! ;)

And I was doing so well with my daily postings! :(
Oh well - on the bright side you will get more than one a day on some days :)

However, I have now located the battery charger, and the batteries are getting juiced as you read- i will be back tomorrow with some more ideas on presents to make with SU! product :)

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