Friday, June 6, 2008

hmm... second thoughts

You know that feeling you get when you KNOW you could have done better, but you are SO over it you just shove it in the envelope and move on? Well, that is how I feel about that last card. I love the stamps, I love the colours, but it is so wrong on so many levels :) But I was in a major hurry, (like 5 minutes!! - yeah, i know all you seasoned stampers could get 5 or 6 cards done in that time! - it takes me that long to fold the cardstock!!)

So anyway, I decided to ease my suffering and went to SCS so that next time I will have a layout up my sleeve for a quickie :)

This one however, I have no such thoughts about :) I love it! I know it is simple, and for that reason some people will dismiss it, but I like simple. I went to a stamp camp here hosted by Stamp Effects from Auckland, and we did 20 cards in a day. This was my favourite by far. I will post the others on different posts later on :) I can't give the recipe coz everything was supplied by them.

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