Monday, June 23, 2008

woah.. time flies!

Well, my kit arrived, and I dived straight in.. and now I need to place another order!! Coz I've used all my paper, and I've realised I really *must* have this .. and that....ooh and one of those too.. and seeing as I'm getting that, I might as well get one of those because it matches!

I have a couple of bookings for workshops and I am soooooo nervous!! As I've said before, I'm not creative, and these ladies are so crafty, and have been stamping for years - they should probably be demo'ing to me! But my upline (Hi Sharlene!!) told me to keep it simple, so that's the plan!! :) I tend to overanalyse things!!!

But in the meantime, I have been cruising around Splitcoaststampers (what do you mean what's that??? Where have you been??? Go immediately and check it out!! don't forget to come back tho!!) and have ahd my fingers crossed for weeks that some of the stamps in the mini catalgue in the US will be in ours, and it arrived today, and I am glad!! Can't tell ya much (or anything in fact!!) but I am a very happy chicky!! (My bank account might not be so pleased!)

So.. no pics today, but just a check in and a drive on!

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