Saturday, August 8, 2009

C is for......

Colour Families

Stampin' Up has four colour families:

Bold brights Earth Elements
Rich Regals and Soft Subtles.
Each family has 12 colours in it.

Then there are also In-Colours - this is a family of 6 colours which is only available for a year before they get swapped for some more up-to-date in fashion colours! - and neutrals - black, white, vanilla, grey etc.

Everything that Stampin' Up! does is in these colours. So the co-ordination is so easy. You know immediately if the red is the right red (I don't know about you - but I was always trying to work out if the red was an orange red or a blue red, or if it went with that colour and once I have my cardstock, is there a ribbon that matches - 17 samples later, it's almost there but not quite!) Stampin' Up! is not like that! It takes all that stress away! Now I know some people LIKE that stress (cuckoo!! - just kidding! I am jealous! I wish I could do it!) but not me! I am not very colour co-ordinated at the best of times (there is a reason my basic wardrobe is BLACK!! -goes with everything! - and hey - it's true for cards too! but I digress!) so Stampin' Up! colour familes really help. Stick to a single family, and you KNOW every colour combo is going to look fabulous. Bit more adventurous? You can hop around the families and make your own combos.

Here's another C for you - the Colour Coach - this is a great tool for putting colour combinations together. Just turn the dial to the colour you want and it displays co-ordinating and complimetary colours you could use. SO handy!

So there you have it. C is for COLOUR - check back tomorrow for D!

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