Wednesday, August 19, 2009

H is for ......

Hostesses :)
We all need them - Stampin' Up! is built on hostesses holding home workshops/parties.

And Stampin' Up! treats their hostesses really well - see this post all about the free stuff you get!

The hostess sets in this catalogue are so yummy! Especially the level ones. And a level one hostess set is so easy to earn.
My favourite is Best yet, which is a set of 6 sentiments, ranging from merry christmas, to from me to you, and lots in between. So versatile, and fits in our punches and with most stamp sets - there's that co-ordination thing again! ;)

So, if you are in the Manawatu area (or not too far beyond!) and want to host a party, drop me a line - I'd love to get together with you and your friends and help you earn your own free hostess set.
Don't want a party in your own home? Use mine! I'm happy to host your party - you still provide the friends and the nibbles, I will still provide the projects, and YOU get the goodies!
Don't want to meet up with people at ALL?? then host a catalogue party - this is where you take a couple of catalogues -give them to your friends, neighbours, work colleagues, kids friends mums/dads/nannies, grandparents, hairdresser, bank teller, checkout girl.. well ok you get the idea!! Anyone you know who likes to papercraft, get the catalogue to them, collect their order - and if the whole lot together makes the minimum, then you get the goodies!

So Easy!! What are you waiting for??

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