Thursday, August 6, 2009

A-Z of Stampin' Up!

I saw this idea on Josee's blog, and thought what an awesome idea! Josee is Canadian, and so they have different stuff than us (some of it!) so my ABC will be different to hers! At least it will be where it can be!

So, to start:

A is for .......


that's what Stampin' Up! products are!

but actually, A is for accessories!
Stampin' Up! has a whole heap of these, and they will all (?) be discussed later in the alphabet, but to give you an idea, there are buttons and brads, and tags, and ribbon, and twine, and jumbo eyelets and clips, and pretties and hodgepodge hardware, and punches and chipboard die cuts and ..... well you get the idea!!

Check back tomorrow for B - which looks at the buttons and brads in closer detail - and there's a product share in there too :)

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