Saturday, August 1, 2009

the cat's out of the bag!

Ok... actually the cat is IN the bag!! Why do cats do this kind of thing??? This particular cat is a NUT! Her name is Hunter, and this is where Jordan found her when she came downstairs this morning. You can see how high off the ground it is - the bag is hanging off the door knob! Best we can figure, she jumped on the dehumidifier, and then into the bag. Why??? who knows!!
Anyway, I thought it was worth a giggle! Hope you agree!

On a totally different note - it is August 1st and THAT means ............ the Spring Mini!! woohoo!! There are some extremely yummy things in there. I did actually place a pre order, but have been house sitting away from my place, so no play time :(
today's the day though!! fun fun!

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