Sunday, August 9, 2009

D is for...

D is for .... there are two things, and I couldn't choose, so I'm going with both!
D is for Demonstrators and also for DSP.

First -demonstrators (or demos for short)

Stampin' Up! is a party plan company, and so demonstrators are SO important. Without them, nothing would get sold!

There are many different kinds of demos - and people join Stampin' Up! for all sorts of reasons.

There are discount demos: those who join to "feed their habit" ;) - they love the product, and have no problem spending the quarterly minimums themselves, with maybe a few orders for friends thrown in.

There are hobby demos: same as discount, but do a few workshops or classes to get a few extra sales, but doesn't work too hard at it.

Then there are the career demos: these are the demos that look at this as a viable business with long term career potential. They actively promote their workshops, classes, sales and the business opportunity, and talk Stampin' Up! with anyone and everyone they meet.

So, if you have been thinking about joining Stampin' Up! but didn't think it could offer you what you want or need - stop wondering! Stampin' Up! can give you as much or as little as you want to out into it :)

OK.. second D...... DSP.

What does that stand for? Well, here's a little confession! I don't ACTUALLY know! I call it called Designer Series paper . I have heard it called double sided paper too, but in the catalogue it says Designer Series Paper - so that's why i went with that!

Stampin' Up! DSP is AMAZING! It truly is the most stunning quality paper I have seen. (not that I am a paper connoisseur, but hey!)

As with all SU! products everything co-ordinates. These papers are another way of getting inspiration for a colour combination. The patterns co-ordinate with the stamp sets, and the colours co-ordinate with the theme that set lends itself too.

This catalogue we were lucky enough to get some textured weight DSP - this has been in the US catty for a while, but only since April down here and it is gorgeous!

All DSP measures 12"x12" (or 30.5 x30.5cm for those who convert!) and contains 12 sheets - 2 sheets of each design. At the unbelievable price of $19.95 per pack ($27.95 for textured) this works out to just $1.75 per sheet. Amazing!

And....... I have a product share!

The new mini brought three new DSP's - Parisian Breeze textured, Ski Slope, and Walk in the Park.

This share is for 6x12 sheets.
For just $17.80 incl postage, you will get 18 sheets of 6"x12" paper - that's one 6x12 of each design.
drop me a line and I will save you a spot.

Again - only available to NZ residents.

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