Wednesday, August 12, 2009

G is for...

Ok, this one I had to nick from Josee. (there is seriously nothing else - well ok glitter, but I don't have any except dazzling diamonds, so it would have been a very short post!)

G is for Glue.
Stampin' Up! carries TONS of this stuff, and it's all different!

Check out page 154 of the catty for the whole range!

But, in a nut shell, here's my picks:

Sticky Strip - astonishingly expensive (gasp! did I actually say that??) yes I did - but SO worth it! This sucker will stick your kids to the chair if they need it (not that I have tried that, honestly!) but seriously this stuff is STICKY! Ok, seriously, this is like double sided tape on steroids, IMHO. It is fabulous for boxes and 3D items that need extra hold.

Crystal Effects - I actually don't use this as a glue, so have no idea what it's like! lol - sorry! So what do i use it for?? Giving my stuff a rain drop / dew drop type effect!! It looks awesome spotted on flower petals as dew, or on the cherry from tart and tangy to make it look all shiny and yummy. Anything you want to give shine to, just cover it with crystal effects. When I say "cover" I don't mean be too heavy handed. Less is more in terms of applying it :) (Ask me how I know!! lol)

SNAIL - Simple Neat Affordable In-Line adhesive - you either love this or you hate it. I LOVE it! But I HATE people who use it all up! You seriously only need a little bit in the corners. As long as your card/project is well put together, why do you need to cover the whole back of the cardstock?? you DON'T!! (this goes for any tape, not just snail, but especially with snail coz it works out quite expensive to do that!)

Anywhere glue stick - love these! they are square, not round! for that alone they get my vote! You get 2 to a pack - tick! And they go on so smoothly! No lumpy bits or cloggy bits or jumping - just glidy slidy glue! hehe - ok weird out moment, but seriously these rock! Oh, and they stick well too!!

2 way glue pen - as the name suggests this glue works 2 ways - dab it on and stick immediately and it is permanent. dab it on and leave it, and it is repositionable (but not more than once or twice I've found.) The little pen applicator thing is perfect for those small fiddly bits (punch creations come to mind here.)

Dimensionals - pop dots, whatever you wanna call them - these are the BEST! they are not so thick as others I have seen, but they are bigger so you can cut them if you want them smaller, but they aren't too big to be useful! I LOVE these!! Popping up parts of your card really adds a little "something something" ;)

So there you have it. There are others - but these are the ones I reach for time and time again.

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